Asado Christmas Turkey Chop

What You Will NEED:

1 x Street BBQ Asado Rub

1 x Christmas Turkey chop (800g -1.2kg turkey chop bone in and skin on)

1 x tin of Balter beer

Wedge butter

1 x Hook/Wire

Serve with the usual Christmas Day culprits!


Bring your turkey leg out 1 hour before cooking. Light your BBQ.

Liberally sprinkle the turkey leg with Street BBQ asado rub, place a hook through the bone and hang in your barrel for 1hour. Alternatively, if you have a normal BBQ, place an offset plate below the leg and sit on the BBQ away from the coal.

After 1 hour, prepare greaseproof paper and foil, lay the turkey leg onto it removing the hook and add the butter, ½ lemon juiced and ½ the can of beer, wrap.

Place back into the BBQ on a grill and cook for a further 2 - 2.5 hours.

Take the wrapped turkey and pull back the foil and test the temperature making sure it’s around 210F/99c alternatively, push down on the turkey to see if soft then it is done.

Place the turkey onto your desired serving platter and enjoy!

Drink match: - Balter XPA Beer. Cold and in a tall glass.