Hong KongBlack Bean & Hoisin

Street BBQ “Hong Kong” Black Bean & Hoisin

Hong Kong Black Bean & Hoisin

Hong KongBlack Bean & Hoisin

Spice - Seasoning - Rub

Salty, sweet, morish like a medley of the best of Chinese sauces in one sprinkle.

Destination: Hong Kong

The vibe: hot humid nights spent pressed up against sticky side street windows displaying burnished Peking Duck so shiny you can see your own hungry reflection in its skin. We’ve had deliciously wild times in Hong Kong - the food scene is almost indescribable in its sheer breadth and creativity.

Imagine: 24 hours of hot, salty-sweet morsels that all at once satisfy your tastebuds completely, but also leave you craving more.

The Street BBQ take: combining our favourite Hong Kong flavours in one handy all-purpose rub. The secret to success, we promise.

Best way to use: sprinkle liberally over beef, pork, chicken, duck skewers, pork or beef ribs or level up your humble stir fry with a generous shake. For an even better result, massage into the meat to rehydrate the spices. Can also be used as a table-side seasoning after cooking.

Explore. Experience. Enjoy.

How To Use

Sprinkle liberally over meat before cooking, for a better result massage into the meat to rehydrate the spices.

Perfect For

  • Beef, Pork
  • Chicken or duck skewers
  • Pork ribs, beef rib
  • Amazing in stir-fryd