ShanghaiSilk Road

Street BBQ “Shanghai” Silk Road

Shanghai Silk Road

ShanghaiSilk Road

Spice - Seasoning - Rub

Cumin, szechuan pepper, salt, sugar; a tingling spice blend from the golden age of spice trading. Perfect for roasting or grilling.

Destination: Shanghai, China

The vibe: where the past meets the future. Thousands of years of history, and the infamous Silk Road, have lead us all to Shanghai and some of the most exciting street-side snacks in the world. Bright lights, big flavours, it rivals New York as the city that never sleeps.

Imagine: the surprisingly addictive tingling sensation of Szechuan pepper followed by an explosion of exotic flavours which could only be from the northern and eastern parts of China.

The Street BBQ take: Sugar and spice - literally. Cumin, Szechuan pepper, salt and sugar combine in a nod to the golden age of spice trading.

Best way to use: sprinkle liberally over lamb cutlets, slow cooked pork shoulder, beef or chicken skewers, fish or squid or try eggplant, mushrooms or sweet potato. For an even better result, massage into the meat to rehydrate the spices. Can also be used as a table-side seasoning after cooking.

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How To Use

Sprinkle liberally over meat before cooking, for a better result massage into the meat to rehydrate the spices.

Perfect For

  • Lamb cutlets, or slow cooked shoulder
  • Pork or Beef
  • Chicken Skewers
  • Fish & Squid
  • Eggplant, Mushroom, Sweet Potato