Hong Kong Black bean & Hoisin Duck Breast

1 x Street BBQ Hong Kong black bean & hoisin

2 x duck breasts

1 x bunch broccolini

1 x bunch Chinese greens

Jar of sambal

Olive oil

1 x lemon wedge

Serve with

  • Grilled greens and sambal

N.B Fire up your desired BBQ. We love a Kamado ceramic, kettle, hibachi or gas is fine.

Lightly apply Hong Kong seasoning over the duck breast skin and let sit for 20 minutes, place skin down onto a medium flame and colour making sure not to burn the fat

Turn breasts over and cook until internal temperature 53-55c, around 7 -12 minutes, rest

Whilst resting grill the greens, spray with a little water as they are grilling. Once cooked place into a bowl and add a few teaspoons of sambal and juice of ½ lemon.

Place the greens onto the bowl, slice the duck and serve.


Drink match: - Some Soju or Shochu over ice would be great or a cheeky Pinot Meunier or gamay red wine.