Mumbai Tikka Whole Fish

1 x Street BBQ Mumbai Tikka

1 x Whole snapper 1.2- 1.6kg or similar whole fish

1 x punnet mixed baby tomatoes

1 x bunch coriander – picked leaves reserve stalks

1 x bunch mint – picked leaves reserve stalks

2 x long red chilli’s – finely sliced

2 x limes (1 cut into slices, 1 into half)

N.B Fire up your desired BBQ, all of them work brilliantly for this, we love using a good ole gas one or an offset Traeger is great for it too, you’ll need something with a lid though.


Stuff the inside of the snapper with the stalks of the herbs, half the sliced chilli’s and 1 sliced lime.

Use half a container of the Mumbai Tikka and sprinkle on both sides of the fish and let sit for 30 minutes

Over a high heat place onto the fire and cook on 1 side for 5-10 minutes until sealed

Lower the heat and flip over and cook slowly for 45 minutes.

Place onto the flame the halved limes flesh side down and leave till the end.

Test the fish to see if cooked, serve onto a platter, meanwhile add the tomatoes onto the fire and char a little

Transfer tomatoes into a mixing bowl, add herbs, chilli, salt and a little oil and place on platter with fish, squeeze the grilled limes all over and serve.


Drink match: Beer, icy cold old school beer. You could go fancy and have a few sours but BEER!