Shanghai Silk Road Lamb Shoulder

1 x Street BBQ Shanghai silk road

1 x Deboned lamb shoulder (approx. 1.4kg)

1 x large cauliflower

Serve with

  • Pickled cucumber and onions
  • Herbed yoghurt
  • Wedges of lemon

N.B You’ll need a BBQ with a lid for this one, but we love to use a Pit barrel drum smoker low and slow style at 110c.

Apply Shanghai Silk Road rub at least 30 minutes prior all over the Lamb shoulder. Place into BBQ for 2 hours (until rub has set).

At this point put your cauliflower that you have drizzled with Extra Virgin olive oil and sprinkled with Shanghai Silk Road then wrapped in foil and cook with the lamb for the same time.

Take out both the cauliflower and the lamb. Wrap the lamb now in foil adding 200ml of warm liquid (we use beer, chicken stock, white wine etc.) Let the cauliflower rest.

Place the lamb back into the BBQ and cook for a further 1 hour or until the internal temperature of the lamb is 96c and that you can pull.

Once all cooked pull the lamb onto a board, drizzle with liquid from lamb, chop cauliflower. Serve.


Drink match: - maybe a cheeky Shiraz or GSM from the Barossa