Tokyo Togarashi Squid Bodies and their Tentacles

1 x Street BBQ Tokyo togarashi

6 x Squid bodies with tentacles

1 x lemon wedged

6 x Asparagus

10 x shitake mushrooms

To serve

  • Grilled asparagus and mushrooms
  • Kim chi

N.B Fire up your desired BBQ. We love a Kamado ceramic, kettle, hibachi, or gas for this.

Sprinkle the Tokyo rub over the squid and let sit for at least 30 minutes

Grill over the high flame until cooked, place into a bowl, squeeze on the lemon and sit in a warm place

Grill the asparagus and mushrooms, whilst grilling sprinkle with Street BBQ Tokyo and continue cooking until cooked.

Slice the squid bodies, mix altogether, and serve.


Drink match: - if you can remember how to make them a Midori illusion shaker, This is the way!