Tuscan Alle Brace Pork Chops

1 x Street BBQ Tuscan Alle Brace

3 x Free range Pork t- bone or chop

Serve with

  • Torn fresh mozzarella drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and cracked black pepper
  • Salad of tomato, radicchio, rocket & parmesan – dress with balsamic and Extra virgin olive oil

N.B Fire up your desired BBQ. We love a Kamado ceramic for this, or a gas is just as fine.


Sprinkle your pork chops liberally with Tuscan Alle Brace and add to the grill. Start by rendering the fat down a little over a lower heat then seal on each side with 4 turns.

Once you see juices coming out of the chop start re-sprinkling Tuscan rub on both sides and give 4-6 minutes on either side until cooked.

Place the pork chops on plate to rest, carve and serve (cheeky tip would be to any pork Juices that are on the plate whisk in a little plain mustard and some pickle juices for a dressing for your salad or grilled broccolini)


Drink match: - a Funky little natural wine with these pork chops and recommended salad would go great. “juice” as it’s called goes great with the fat and smoked flavour of the pork. Saying that about 4 negroni’s would go down well with it too.